Choose PVC edge sealing when what skills?

PVC edge banding is mainly for the protection, decoration and beautification of the section of the furniture plate. The edge banding on the market is diverse. When choosing, we should pay attention to what details can we buy the high quality PVC edge banding.



First of all, we can observe whether the surface of the product we want to buy is smooth, with or without bubbles, glossiness and other problems, the surface of the product with better quality and the back is flat, the thickness is uniform and without bubbles, the width is consistent. When buying edge banding, you can also pinch the product by hand. Quality products are better in hardness, elasticity, wear resistance and other aspects. Each batch of PVC edge banding must be the same color, and the color difference of different batches of edge banding is the smaller the better. The surface treatment agent of high quality PVC edge sealing strip is uniform, and the edge trimming incision is not brittle, no gap, etc.

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If the selection of heat stabilizer is not appropriate or the amount is too much or too little, the stability of PVC edge sealing strip will be affected. The above is the manufacturer for us to introduce the selection of high quality PVC edge sealing strip some skills, I hope to help you.


Post time: Apr-15-2021