Why Choose Us

We are one of the most professional Edge Banding Manufacturers. We offer wide variety of Edge Bandings. These Edge Banding Tapes are manufactured using high quality raw material, and highly used to make theborder or modern design pattern. All products are highly customizable with different colors and patterns.

All our products are getting widely acclaimed among the large clientele for their captivating designs, High quality, and reliability.Apart from this, products supplied by us is available to clients at budget friendly prices. We have ability and capability to provide a cost-effective one time solutions. Furthermore, we ensure timely delivery of this product to our clients.

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More than ten years OEM experiences with more than 30 production lines guaranteed daily output 700,000m. Our products are predictable, stable, and operate consistently at a high performance level.

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We institute strict raw material controls to ensure the good quality of finished product. High quality raw material and strict formula  system is the basic guarantee for production. 

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All colors and patterns are customized.

Welcome to send your sample tapes or panels to us, the same texture would be made for you as you required.

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We have the ability and capacity to match a panel with closeness of up to 95%.

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Quality check is necessary before packing and loading. Apart from this, all the packages are also customized.